With 12 different murder mystery plots, there's one for every occasion.
Different themes and fancy dress options, some adaptable to your party or guests,
including our most popular 1920s.  All original, fun and intriguing!
Murder mystery 1920s Sticky endings

What's Your Poison?

 1920s Prohibition America, and it  
 is the opening night of the new 
 speak easy  "The Hulabaloo".

 Where does the boss get his  
 liquor, is the croupier all he seems to be  and just how drunk will the boss's wife get?

 Is there an uninvited guest with a  
 secret and what is in that violin 

 Fancy dress options: 1920s, Great Gatsby, Gangsters and molls.

  Strychnine Come Dancing
Join the auditions for "Chloe Fisher's Dance night". Due to falling viewing figures after the scandal of the suicide of a losing finalist, this is the last chance to salvage the show.

A group of disparate wannabes are vying for a place in the televised rounds, let's hope it's not murder on the dancefloor.

Fancy dress options: Ballroom, Disco, 70s or any form of dance.

He didn't tell the bride
 A hen party involving an edition of  
 T.V. programme "Don't tell the bride" 
 goes horribly wrong with terrible
 consequences when a T.V. psychic gets
 It seems the groom may have very
 different plans to those of the bride
 and the T.V. directors.

 What other mysteries will  be revealed
 as the evening progresses? Will the 
 spirits reveal a deadly secret as the
 seance gets under way?

Silent but Deadly
 Perfume sales reps gather for the 
 launch of a new frangrance.
 Unrequited lust, abandonment 
 and thwarted ambition cause 
 tension, whilst a protest action 
 group are determined to kick up a
 So will it be the sweet smell of 
 success, or the foul stench of
 death that fills the air by the end of 
 the evening?

Murder Mystery Halloween Sticky endings

A Bump in the Night
 Chad Berkoff sets up one of his 
 famous seances at the scene 
 of a crime where a man was 
 hideously murdered a year ago.

 Armed only with some candles and
 holy water, a group of eager
 volunteers take part in a seance in  
 an attempt to uncover 
 the  truth.
 But a  magazine reporter is 
 determined to rock the boat.

 Fancy dress option: Horror.

                Full Throttle

Its the awards night for the sales men and women of performance car specialists "Thrust Lusters".

Board room scheming, an unexpected reunion, a lust for power and carnal desires gives running down  the opposition a new meaning.

But who is on a highway to hell and will the gas guzzlers be gagging for more by the end?

The No. 2 Lady's Detective Convention

 Famous detectives assemble to
 investigate unsolved crimes.  Last
 time they met the hotel burnt
 down and a man was found dead
 in the pool.

 What could go wrong this time?

 Suitable for mixed parties of 8-16
 guests, or hen parties.

Rocking on Heaven's Door
 Denim and leather meets foxgloves
 and heather as tree hugging
 hippies battle rockers over the
 right to stage a concert in a Nature

 At a public meeting, will love and
 peace prevail or will someone be
 buying a stairway to heaven?
 Fancy dress option: Hippies and
 rockers, 60s or 70s

Oxford Murder mystery by sticky endings

Here comes the Chopper
 A body has been found  brutally
 murdered. A motley selection of
 suspects  unravel the last few
 hours of his life, revealing his dark
 secrets and his underwear. 

 This plot is suitable for small
 groups, especially hen parties and
 birthday parties from 8-25 guests.

 Fancy dress options:
 1920s, 1940s or celebrity.
 Tailor made scripts.

Breakfast at
  Go back to the 60s where a young   socialite is at a cocktail party for
  the rich and famous trying to bag
  herself a wealthy husband.

  A writer is madly in love with her
  but she has her eyes on Rusty, a
  Shipping tycoon. Only problem is
  he is married and involved with
  the Mafia.

  What will happen in this complex
  tale of love and scheming?

Come Die with me

 Join in the home-coming party for 
 Buffy Bennet, released from
 prison having been wrongly
 accused of killing 3 people with a
 poisoned quiche. 

 But who was really responsible for 
 the slaughter? Will the real killer
 turn up at the party and will 
 anybody eat the vol au vents?

 Fancy dress option:
"Buffy the ham pie slayer"

               The Hullabaloo!
   Children's Murder mystery

Ma Bentley invites gangsters and molls to compete in a series of fun and challenging activities.

Steel-eye Stan, the loner from out of town, turns up to create chaos and suspicion.

Can you out shoot, out play and outwit the best of them?

Recommended for children
aged 8-12